Ever had your Soul Captured?

Riverwolfs Soul Drawing

Riverwolf’s Soul Drawing. With Reading.

May blessings fall upon you dear friend. Hail and Welcome, to Riverwolf’s Soul Drawing.

A soul drawing is a physcic interpretation of your soul. The drawing is intricately detailed and comes with an informative reading. To gain insight within, clarify circumstances, or simply to become aquainted with your own deepest self.

Riverwolf is a Pagan/Wiccan artist and uses her drawing skills as a medium for spiritual readings. Her drawings are intimate, beautiful and deeply revealing. Her readings are done over half an hour, then documented with your drawing. The time it takes to complete each drawing varies but a flat rate will only be charged for the entire service.

Why limit a reading to just yourself? How about purchase a reading for a friend as a gift? Or as a truly unique christmas present? Limited readings can only be done during this time of year, so please email a.s.a.p to confirm your reading.

To enquire about having your soul drawing & reading done or prices, please email Riverwolf. Please email a recent photo of the person to be read, Along with your address for your drawing to be mailed out. Soul Drawing by Riverwolf is an international service.


Thankyou for visiting and have a blessed day.